In my work, so far, I have been exploring and developing the concept of the modern image of the classical print graphic, while confining to the unconditional suggestion of the black-and-white image. I am provoked by real objects, whose impact results from their monumental and abstract minimalism. The essential is their esthetic potential locked in their pure graphic structure and different materiality. I am interested in the condition of these forms as they are in a certain moment, with their contrasts and halftones, specific perspectives and elements.

In search of a more complete and straightforward idea, I concentrate on the realistic impact of the objects, and sometimes I strive for photographic precision, going beyond the eye of the camera. Thus, I overexpose their individual character, while at the same time I juxtapose the structural essence of these objects, which oppose the visible world. This challenges me to search for the connection between the “objective” photographic image and its transformation into a graphic technique. And vice versa; interfering in the objectively created structures, aiming at the transformation of the pictured information into the unpredictable and accidental. These “interferences” load the image with a new paradoxical meaning and bring it into an endless reincarnation, transforming the space. This turns the moment into eternity and time ceases to matter.

This way I rationalize the idea of creating “accidental” anomalies in one “pure” image, but instead of abruptly depriving the viewer from their role of peaceful observer, or “listener”, it rather suggests the meditative concentration of the thought. In this I find analogy with the clash and, in some cases, with the homogenizing of these two medias, photography and printmaking, which is the essential vision of my future projects, exploring the melting of the idea between the imaginative and the real.


Lyubomir Krastev

Born in Ruse, Bulgaria
Lives and works in Plovdiv, Bulgaria



Doctoral degree
„Art Studies and Fine Art– Graphics“,
St. Cyril and St. Methodius
University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria.
Subject/title of the dissertation
“The photographic visual image in the contemporary graphic art”


MA in Graphics
at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria


BA in Graphics
at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Secondary Art School
“Prof Veselin Stoyanov”,
Ruse, Bulgaria



Assistant Professor of Graphics at AMDFA, Plovdiv

Solo Exhibitions


The Industrial Temple-
vernissage of the project in its working environment. Part of the festival Night of Museums and Galleries in Plovdiv


Forcing up the choice,
National autumn exhibitions Plovdiv 2013,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Solo exhibition at Art Alley gallery,
Sofia, Bulgaria


Solo exhibition at Gallery Autograph,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Chosen Group Exhibitions


„Tractatus Locus“ Raum im
zeitgenössischen Kunstwerk-acuratоrial
project of Kristina Schrei,
Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut Haus Wittgenstein,

8-th Splitgraphic
International Graphic Art Biennial,


Selected for "The 9th Kochi International
Triennial Exhibition of Prints",


The Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale

International Print Triennial,
Krakow, Poland

National Awards Alianz Bulgaria,
regional exhibition,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The Collecton.
New Acqisitions 2010-2011,
Sofia Art Gallery,
Sofia, Bulgaria

Fusion-International Contemporary Intaglo Print
Inviation Exhibition,


The Best Bulgarian Graphic,
Bulgarian Cultural Center in Warshaw,
Warshaw, Polland

Project Past,
Present and Future,
Graphic Art Center "Kaire Desine",
Vilnius, Lithuania

16th SPACE International Print Biennial Seoul,
Seoul, South Korea

3rd Guanlan International Print Biennial,


First Szeckler’s Graphics Biennial,


2nd Guanlan International Print Biennial,

15th SPACE International Print Biennial Seoul,
Seoul, South Korea

Awards and Nominees


The Gaudenz B. Ruf Award
for New Bulgarian Art;
Beneficiary of the Support Programme,
Spring Session


National Awards Alianz Bulgaria,
regional exhibition Plovdiv,
award for graphic

Sixth International Triennial of Graphic Arts
Sofia, Bulgaria,

First Szeckler’s Graphics Biennial Romania,
specially prize


National Competition for Young Artists,
Critics and Curators,
Shipka 6,
Sofia, Bulgaria,


III.International Printmaking Competition,
Istanbul, Turkey,
awarded as an Honorable Mention



Residence artist
at the International Artist Village,
Guanlan Original Industry Printmaking Base,


Residence artist
in Guanlan Original Industry Printmaking Base,


The Organizing Comitee
of Lingshi International Biennial,
China 2012

Sofia Art Gallery,

The Organizing Committee of Guanlan International Print Biennial,

The Association of the Museums
of Painting and Sculpture,
Istanbul, Turkey

contact © Copyright 2016
+359 886 912 396


The Industrial temple
Specifics: The Industrial Temple is a multidisciplinary project with an experimental approach in mixing classic graphics (intaglio and etching techniques) with video and sound. Accents are its large scale 120/270 cm. and the creation of a specific environment for its perception. Physical materials: Etching print on paper and spray paint.

In my last project The Industrial Temple I explore the traces of human‘s intervention in the nature. Despite of its particular beauty, it depicts unease reality and dark detachment. The Industrial Temple is transfiguration of the contemporary post-apocalyptic society. 
Subject is focusing on the post-industrial archeology and the deprived society that we have created for ourselves. This project traces its beginning from the detachment of a realistic image and will explore a new interpretation of nature and its abstract essence. In The Industrial Temple the intention is combination of printmaking, video and sound techniques, in order to deepen the perception of tangible environment. Those media elements should evoke specific feeling from that hypothetical place, far from a direct recognition.
Video assistance: Valko & Ivan Chobanov‘s

Sound: Angel Simitchiev– Mytrip /